Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who Did the Terrorist Defeat: FoxNews or Sam Adams?

Recently, some FoxNews "commentators" revealed their thoughts about the recent Boston Beer Company television commercial.  I have several issues with this piece of "news".

These people attack Boston Beer Company for complying with industry standards about advertising, which prohibit any religious themes. Their verbal attack is enhanced by their sheer lack of intelligence and thought. First, "the terrorists have won" comment is so absurd that this guy must be joking, right? Maybe a bit, but he's at least upset about the omission of "god" or "creator" from the commercial. Let's see, who would be upset about someone else not giving props to god, that such omission would be "outrageous"? Perhaps a religious zealot.  Most certainly not a brewer. And are there any terrorists who are not religious zealots?? If anyone would be more likely to succumb to the mindset of terrorism it is this guy at FoxNews.

Of course, he doesn't stop there.  He ponders the notion that Boston Beer Co. is targeting the modern day Tea Party group....somehow.  This is not a coherent thought at all, just a random splat of paranoia. Another log in the fireplace that cooks fear and insecurity within about half the voting population. Apparently he forgets that a monarch in Colonial times was "god appointed" and that this very same Declaration of Independence seeks such from an English king.  (And let's skip that pesky freedom of religion thing in the Constitution, a document that FoxNews sets aside when it doesn't comply with their "thoughts", but is the basis of all other arguments they attempt)

Then they go on to attack the "bogus" "beer code guideline committee" as overriding the authority of the Declaration of Independence. Um, what?? The Declaration of Independence has no legal authority whatsoever (they're conflating it with the Constitution--which they ignore this time), and is a statement of...well...independence.  Apparently freedom of speech isn't something FoxNews cares to embrace.

But all this ignores Prohibition.  You know, that Constitutional amendment that outlawed alcohol (and beer), which was brought about through religious protests. The remnants of Prohibition are still around today--noticeably here in the Beer Institute's advertising code.  So, get this, because of religious zealots, beer advertisers are asked to NOT use religion or religious themes. The Beer Institute acquiesces to the sensitivity of the pious. Except, other religious zealots at FoxNews admonish the Beer Institute and Boston Beer for adhering to this agreement. While the former zealots ask someone not do something, the latter zealots want to force someone to do something.

So it boils down to this: based on industry standards of conduct formed to protect religious sensitivities, a television commercial does not mention any type of divine being, and the creators of said commercial are scorned for doing so by religious zealots who claim that other religious zealots have won. Seems the religious zealots have something in common.

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