Monday, July 12, 2010

Out of Towners

One of the many good things about being a part of a beer community (BeerAdvocate) is the chance to meet people from around the city, state, country and globe. After all, it helped me meet Nikhil in India that opened the flow of good beer for me there. And this past weekend I met up with a fellow BA-er and his girlfriend from Austin, TX as they were traveling Colorado on a beer tour.

When I met them at Great Divide Brewery they told me what places they wanted to visit and a rough route they planned to follow. Quickly I noticed two places that weren't listed and strongly suggested they visit. After a couple beers we started off and we walked to the two added stops; Breckenridge and Falling Rock Tap House. They were impressed with both. I then listed several places they should hit if they wanted to buy bottles to take back to Texas. They were quite pleased and I'm anxious to find out how they thought of the Colorado beer scene.

This goes to show that it helps to know people in all places. It helped me in India, England, Italy (thanks Alice!!) and Switzerland...and hopefully Washington state. The beer community is great.