Monday, March 28, 2011

Brewer vs. Reviewers

Recently on and a copy of a blog was posted on these websites' forums. The blog was written by an irritated brewer from California. The message was simple: those who review beers on the aforementioned websites, and who do not brew large quantities of beer, have no business reviewing as they are ignorant about beer and to know what they are reviewing. While this claim is an opinion--about others' opinions--the reasoning and logic behind it were equally misguided. As it happens, the users/reviewers on Rate and BA tore this small brewery a new A-hole. Not only did they disagree with the premise, but they also shredded the thinking behind it.

The blog also attacked retailers who use these websites' rankings as "shelf talkers" in the stores. The lack of knowledge presented here is astounding. Yet, I will assume no offense was intended, so I will take none. For now....

Too bad for Mother Earth Brew Co. They've lost a ton of present and future business. Clearly the impact of their blog post was not weighed against its intent. And the 'apology' that followed made little sense and seemed insincere. The damage had been done. It can be repaired with huge doses of humility, apology, possibly humor and changes at the brewery.