Thursday, August 27, 2009


So this is my "beer blog". The reasons for this blog are:
1) to provide a space for beer discussion based, in part, on my experiences,
2) to provide a space for those interested (for whatever morbid reason) to observe my beer enjoyment progress, process, enterprise, etc. whatever,
3) to serve as a 'test site' for possible future business ventures (consulting, advising, education, etc.),
4) to serve as a "second home" for my beer reviews for current musings and future retrospection,
5) to practice my blogging

Why beer? Good question. My first attempt at beer ended in disgust and surprise. At the time I didn't know what to expect from beer. I tried two 'American Macro Adjunct Lagers'. Carbonation was a surprise and the musky, malt, stale aroma and taste turned me away. Thinking all beer was like this, I stayed away. Years later I tried it again, and liked it a bit better, the surprise factor was gone and I found that the colder the beer, the more hidden were 'non-beneficial' flavors. For years thenafter I drank Budweiser. Only. Nothing else. Brand loyalty.

Then I headed to Free State Brewery in Lawrence, KS. More so because of the place's female population. Lo and behold, the beer was different, surprising (hops?) and good. This prompted me to search for other beers and styles. My collection was off and running, but I still didn't know much about beer.

Then I moved to Denver, out of school, lost of love, broke and wanting a change. Oh, and Denver has a great beer scene. It wasn't until I moved to Denver that I contemplated why I liked beer. I think it stems from a sit-com; "Cheers". I loved that show. And loved the tagline 'Where everybody knows your name'. Sure, there are many drinks available at a bar, but beer is the common factor. Every bar has beer, every party, every 'get together'. To me, it represents the foundational premise of 'a good time'.

Yet, beer is very complex. There are over 100 styles of beer, each with it's own recipe, taste, feel, affect and process. As one author suggests, wine is pre-fabricated by Mother Nature, beer is the recipe of humans. Brewers decide what ingredients to add, how much to add, how ingredients interact, how long to 'cook' the beer, and what modifications are viable. It's complex, and interesting.

So, this blog is an attempt to pull all of this together. If you have any questions, comments or ideas please don't be shy.