Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dry Dock Brewery's 5th Anniversary

It's almost that time of year: the birthday of Dry Dock Brewery of Aurora, CO.  A couple of weeks ago I attended their Docktoberfest, and enjoyed their Oktoberfest-style beer served in those big liter glasses. Heavy. And delicious!  I also had a glass of their Kolsch. Hard to find good ones these days, but that one is very nice.  About that time, too, a BA friend of mine was hired as a brewer there! I think I was more excited for him than he was. What a great gig!

Dry Dock is a small brewery in south Aurora. They have expanded and added a rather spacious tasting room since they opened their doors 5 years ago. In the next 8 months they will expand again. They have won multiple awards for their beers, from the GABF and World Cup of Beer. They have a range of styles they brew, but they are particularly good with German styles.  Lagers of Germany are rarely replicated elsewhere. They are rich in malt and their lagering (i.e. storing..which takes time and space....which are things breweries don't have much of) allows that strain of yeast to mellow out the flavors the malt produces. None are very hoppy, all are delicious. Dry Dock has done well with some of their German styles with their Oktoberfest being one of them.

I expect to see a bunch of happy people. Food is not usually provided at Dry Dock, but I'm sure they'll have someone out back grilling some brats and burgers. I'm glad they have several TVs as there are some huge football games this Saturday.  Should be a great time!