Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pub Dialogues

On January 31st at the Wynkoop will be OvalOptions' first session of The Pub Dialogues; an effort to bring people out of the chat room and into the pub.  Online dialogue, discussion, chat, forums and the like have just about killed debate, discussion, communication and dialogue about important (even trivial) topics. The Internet has affected the real world, from presidential elections to neighbor to neighbor relations. People have forgotten how to talk with each other.

It's FREE   6:30pm-9pm

The Pub Dialogues is a facilitated group discussion centered on a topic chosen in advance by OvalOptions. This session concerns taxes and their return on investment (R.O.I.). Where should tax money go?

The Wynkoop is Denver's staple brewpub, and they are generous to allow use of their Mercantile Room for this occasion.

Grab a PINT and bring your EARS!  All ages welcome, 21 to drink alcohol.