Friday, December 30, 2011

My Beer Cellar...

A friend recently asked me how many beers are in my 'cellar'. Good question. It fluctuates. As any beer-geek will tell you, when an "age-able" beer comes around, you don't just buy one. How would you tell the difference between a young beer, and how well/not well it stands up to time?  Aging beer allows the beer to evolve. Beer is has creatures in it. Over time, they affect the beer and for the most part in a positive manner. It is true that some infections or damages can occur--like oxygen and bacteria. But the risk is worth it.

So, usually I buy 2 of everything (maybe more). Chad at Crooked Stave is producing such beers. Age-able. His W.W.B.Y. and W.W.B.G are on the shelves now, and I will buy 2 of each at least. One to try now, one to age 1 or 2 years (or I could just get 3 each...)  It'll be really interesting to compare these beers years apart.

So, how many beers are in my cellar? Well, at last count (2 months ago?) on my spreadsheet, there were 116 entries. I've added and drank some. So take that number and then remember that I started homebrewing. So, there's that.  It equals A LOT.

Cheers and beers!