Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beer Review: Firestone Walker Pale 31

This is a really nice, quaffable beer. Session? Yes. It's easy drinking with just the right amount of bite to demand notice, but not a tongue scraper. It looks delicious; off golden, clear pour with a huge white fluffy head. Spotty lacing.

Open aroma of floral and citrus with some light cracker underneath.
Flavors are light but powerful. Citrus zest blends well with the floral perfume-ness and the cracker brings it together nicely.

A bit light on the malt for a APA. This is almost like a light IPA. Very drinkable. Really liked this one.

Most of the beers that comprise my beer cellar are large bottles, 750ml or larger. Sometimes after work I want a beer that isn't a monster as far as size, flavor and booze.  Pale 31 fits this bill, but that doesn't make it a non-flavorful beer.  It's a great after work beer that tastes good and won't require a lot of time to drink.

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