Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beer Review: Odell's Woodcut #6

So, I'm going to try and post my reviews on this blog for posterity.  Since this is review #1,655, though, it may be a lost cause.  We'll start with this one:

Odell  Woodcut 6

I rarely rate according to price, but what exactly should a 'strong ale' taste like anyway? Since there really isn't a benchmark, I'm going with wallet affects. 

Pours a murky off amber/gold will huge head. This thing billowed up to about 3 fingers, off white. Looks ok, but the lacing seemed oily. 

Aroma is wood, aspirin, date and unripe apple. 

Tastes is wood and unripe apple. But mostly wood. Not a scratchy kind, just like a wet log. Subtle hints of vanilla and caramel on the end. But it's thin. Maybe some cherry?

The feel saves this beer a bit. It's got a bubble whallop to save the thinness of the taste. Really, what is this thing for 21 bucks (on SALE!)? At least the wood isn't too bold or scratchy, that would result in a drain pour. 
This is my first, and last, Woodcut I'll pay for. Not a bad beer, but horrible for the price

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