Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Homebrew Update

Actually, this isn't an update since I've never posted on homebrewing per se on here.  But I've been brewing with some friends for about a year now with promising results. Of the 20 or so batches, only 2 were horrible and 3 were really good. The rest fall in between.  Our latest saison used the beast yeast 3711 from Wyeast Labs and exploded a few bottles.  Tweaking the formula we changed yeasts to the 3724 Belgian strain and it turned out purrty good. Used this recipe/beer for a wedding beer for a good friend of mine. The reception to the beer was good, but to the idea of homebrew Bridal Brew was great.  People loved the idea and the custom labels I used featuring a picture of the happy couple.

And I think that's what I like about homebrew.  In addition to it being a creative process, there's also the creative utilization: wedding gifts, Xmas presents, beer cellar additions, etc. I plan to think of more ways to "use" my homebrew aside from drinking it.

Here are the beers from that wedding:

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